European Union

Ag News: EU Cheese Names
U.S. Trade Representative rejected policies by the European Union to block producers from using common cheese names like fontina, gorgonzola, asiago and feta.
Ag News: Finishing the Farm Bill
**The buzz continues over getting a Farm Bill done before year end.
American Farm Bureau Federation’s Andrew Walmsley and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s Colin Woodall both say they remain optimistic.
But, Farm Journal’s Jim Wiese…
US-UK Trade; NFU President on Trump’s Style
Talks have already begun about how to put together a trade agreement between the U.S. and UK.
After meeting with President Trump Friday, British Prime Minister Theresa May said the UK is still in the process of extracting itself from the European Union, but stressed Britain and the U...
White House Worries Apple Deal to Cost Taxpayers
BRUSSELS (AP) — The White House says the Obama administration is concerned that American taxpayers will ultimately bear the brunt of the European Union's decision requiring Apple to pay billions of dollars in back taxes.
White House spokesman Josh Earnest says Apple could deduct the paymen…

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