It's a tradition that we just can't stop. KIT's Beer Friday.
Each Friday KIT visits a local restaurant or bar for a casual meeting of KIT listeners who want to talk and meet other listeners in the community.

The unofficial event starts at 3:30 pm

Hundreds of people have been part of Beer Friday over the past summer and we're hoping you'll join us this fall and winter.
On November 5, Beer Friday is planned for the Sports Center in downtown Yakima. The Sports Center is located at 214 E Yakima Avenue just up the street from the Olive Garden restaurant. KIT listeners start showing up at about 3:30 pm and all sit at tables together.

You don't have to drink beer

We encourage you to attend and meet your fellow listeners, people who think just like you.
You don't have to drink beer. You are welcome if you drink water or soda or nothing. We just appreciate your friendship and challenging fun conversations we have when we're all together.
Meet new friends and enjoy an afternoon with KIT.

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