If you're searching for a job know that you are not alone. There are loads of options out there and also tons of resources to help guide you depending on where you are at with work experience. Send me your local jobs and I will update

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Open and Read to Serve You

Worksource Offices are now open to the public!

Services available in WorkSource centers include: • Free access to technology like computers, printers, phones and fax machines • Career assessments • Career planning and skills training • Services specifically for farm workers and veterans • Layoff aversion and assistance • Referral to community resources like community college, Job Corps, People For People, etc.

This is a great way to begin if you have no idea where to start.

Know Your Worth

When searching for a job, pay attention to your searches. Are you lowballing yourself financially? Set the filters to assist you in finding remote jobs in the area or a base pay so you aren't even seeing jobs that don't fit

Let's Get Ready to Apply

United States Post Office

Mail Handler


Sales Representative

City of Yakima

Operators and more

City of Selah

Maintenance and more

City of Sunnyside

Police Officer and more

City of Toppenish

Building Official/Zoning and more

Every Single School District Near You

Page after page of jobs from cooks to teachers, coaches administration, and more. Take your pick and make it stick!

Nino's Mexican Grill 

The location on Summitivew

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic

Loads of positions in many different departments

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