I am an integral part of anything I put my time and energy into! This is your affirmation for finding a position around the Yakima Valley. Repeat as often as you like and especially when you notice your mood shifting sideways!

Many businesses are hiring in an assortment of fields, the below options are the freshest postings to get you started. If there are more positions you know of or hiring events going on please don't hesitate to let me know and I will update the list all week long!

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Who is Hiring?

The Print Guys want to hire a Customer Service Representative working Monday-Friday 8 am - 5 pm IMMEDIATELY. Swing by the shop and dazzle them with your resume (they didn't say dazzle...I added that)

Medicine Mart is searching for a Pharmacy Technician

Winco is holding walk-in interviews this Thursday, September 29th 2022

Yakima Valley Community Foundation hiring an Administrative Assistant as well as a Marketing Communications Coordinator

YV Tech Dental Clinic is hiring a Dental Hygienist

Yakima Medical-Dental Clinic is searching for a part-time Medical Receptionist as well as a Case Manager at The New Hope Clinic

PacifiCorp (Local-125) is in need of an Apprentice Metermen

Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital is hiring a Charge Audit Specialist and so many more positions in multiple locations

Professional Case Management is wanting to hire a Companion Sitter

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic is hiring a Server Systems Analyst

Ohana Crisis Center is in search of Direct Care Staff

Rover is wanting to a hire a Dog Walker

Les Swab is hiring for Administrative Support

Sundown Ranch is in need of a Medical Assistant

Boot Barn is wanting to hire a Sales Assistant

Red Lobster immediately needs a Dishwasher/Utility as well as servers

Comprehensive Healthcare is hiring for over 100 positions across Eastern, WA. Even if you aren't fully qualified for the position you are interested in, there is schooling, that they will assist with to get you there. Loads of movement within the company as well

Townsquare Media is hiring in sales. Have you ever been interested in selling advertising? This is a perfect spot to flex your skills AND enjoy the awesome benefit of not only working with me but also being around music, concerts and events!

Currently there are over 100 jobs available in the Yakima Valley that are paying $75,000 + Get that money and good luck!

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