We are just coming off Valentine’s Day and the thrill of love and romance is still in the ai…what’s that?  You say love is grand but you prefer a hundred grand or more?

Time Magazine reports on a survey on romance and finances conducted by Money and SurveyMonkey, that found 51 percent said they would choose $1 million per year for the rest of their lives over finding true love. Give that a thought for a moment. Now DON’T tell your significant other!

The survey of over 4,400 people revealed most married respondents and those in domestic partnerships or civil unions said they preferred to keep things that way.

However in every other relationship configuration, money was the winner, especially among those who were divorced or separated.  Single women and men who were cohabiting with a partner were also willing to take the cash!

Why money over love?  70 percent of people surveyed reported feeling worried about their finances. (Time)


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