The owners of the cheese-making shop in Yakima has been linked to a recent outbreak of Listeria are speaking out and questioning whether their cheese is really responsible for the outbreak.

The family has produced a report from an agricultural lab that took several samples from cheese at Queseria Bandita. The report shows that none of those cheese samples tested positive for listeria.

The family says that Listeria was found inside the business but it was isolated to the drain and floor area. They say that none of the bacteria was found on the counters. The owners of Queseria Bandita decided to do a voluntary recall of all of their product to ensure that no one else was injured in case it was in fact their cheese that caused the outbreak.

"She said we did our recall for the love of her customers," Sandra Aguilar said, translating for Bendita Montesdeoca, owner of Queseria Bandita. "For the safety of our health and their health and because she has love for the people, for her clients. And that's why we did a recall."

In 2011, Queseria Bandita did cause an outbreak of Listeria. And this most recent case was the same strain of the bacteria. The owner says the current outbreak has not been 100 percent linked to the business since there have been other positive Listeria tests from companies around Washington.

The family says regardless of whether they are the root of the Listeria outbreak or not. They are having the entire business sanitized Tuesday before they re-open and they say they plan to uphold the highest standard of cleanliness.

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