• China has banned poultry exports from the U.S. and in particular poultry from Benton County in Washington State.

    Other nations have already banned U.S. poultry, eggs and other poultry products including the European Union, South Korea and South Africa. Most poultry products come from outside the northwest, most of the bans have been specific to Washington and Oregon after the discovery of the avian influenza.

    So far the infections have only been found in wild birds or backyard flocks with no commercial operations being affected.

  • Oregon’s celebrity wolf, OR-7 and his mate have had another wolf join up with them.

    State fish and wildlife officials are preparing to create a new “area of known wolf activity” on public and private land south of Klamath Falls.

    Wildlife experts found new tracks in the snow last month and have installed cameras to verify the wolf. They hope to gather more information in the coming weeks.

    Wildlife advocates are cheering the news while livestock producers remain cautious.

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