• Scientists at the University of Glasgow have discovered an amino acid produced in the human brain that could help prevent - or treat - infection from E. coli O157.

    Through the study of the genome sequence of 1,500 strains of E. coli - scientists discovered high concentrations of the particular amino acid block the bacteria from attaching to host tissue. There are many strains of E. coli developing resistance to traditional antibiotics - according to lead researcher Dr. Andrew Roe.

    If bacteria can be disarmed instead of killed - Roe says it puts less pressure on the bacteria to evolve into something that is resistant to treatment.

  • The Humane Society of the United States is developing state agriculture councils.

    Local farmers and agriculturalists in Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma and now Wisconsin have all joined HSUS to foster better animal welfare and environmental stewardship.

    According to its website - HSUS supports farmers and ranchers who give proper care to their animals and promote environmentally sustainable agriculture.

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