Conservative blogger, political commentator and author, Michelle Malkin is walking the line between sympathy for the fellow students of those gunned down in Parkland, Florida and those in the media and on the left who seem ready to hand over the reins of the country to teenagers. In a recent column for the Patriot Post she reminds us that compassion is good but abdication is not.

"America is not a juvenilocracy. It is a constitutional republic. There is a reason we don’t elect high school sophomores and juniors to public office or allow them to cast ballots."

Malkin adds that, "Pubescents are fueled by hormones and dopamine and pizza and Sonic shakes. They’re fickle and fragile and fierce and forgetful. They hate you. They love you. They need you. They ignore you. They know everything. They know nothing. All in the span of 10 seconds.

I know. I have two of them. If you’re lucky, they’ve only Googled “Should I eat Tide pods?” or “What happens if I snort Ramen powder?” and not actually attempted the latest social media stunt challenges. But that’s what kids do. Because they’re kids."

Ok, Michelle, that might be a little aggressive.  Having your friends shot dead next to you can dramatically change a person in how they live their life moving forward -but like Malkin says, though they may exceptionally smart, passionate and articulate beyond their years- it doesn't add years of life experience and it doesn't backfill knowledge and history and it doesn't doesn't automatically give you the 30,000 foot life view required for good governance.

These kids deserve praise and support and attention but they also deserve to know that there are adults on board who will take their tears, outrage and counsel and shape a mature, unemotional and reasoned course of action moving forward.

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