Caterpillar Chairman and Chief Executive Doug Oberhelman will retire earlier than expected, after poorly -timed bets on China and mining tipped the equipment maker into its longest-ever sales decline. “The change in leadership suggests confirmation that the outlook for 2017 may be for a fifth consecutive year of revenue decline,” said J.P. Morgan analyst Ann Duignan in a Wall Street Journal piece.

Agri-Marketing a former financial exec at Monsanto collected nearly a 22 ½ million dollar reward for alerting the Securities and Exhange Commmision to alleged accounting violations related to Round-Up’s rebate program.

The Fresno Bee Reports that in a hacked email Hilary Clinton agreed to help United Farm Workers go up against one of Fresno Counties largest farmer’s Gerawan farming. A Feb. 22 email explains the pledge that Clinton, made as part of a deal for United Farm Workers political endorsement.

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