Balance Of Power At Stake As Midterm Elections Draw Near
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**Farmers from Georgia to California told a House Agriculture subcommittee last week the foundation of the 2023 farm bill should be the taxpayer-subsidized crop insurance system, and stressed the creation of a standby disaster relief fund.

According to, over the past decade or so, crop insurance has grown into a larger support for agriculture than the traditional farm program.

**A California law allowing farm labor organizers to enter private property for up to three hours a day, 120 days a year amounts to an unconstitutional taking requiring compensation.

That was what the Supreme Court concluded last week.

The incident that prompted the request for Supreme Court review occurred in 2015 at the Cedar Point Nursery in Dorris, California, when, “with bullhorns in hand, United Farm Workers activists entered the trim sheds, where hundreds of employees were delicately preparing fledgling strawberry plants for shipment.”

Pacific Legal Foundation attorney Joshua Thompson calls the decision “a huge victory for property rights.”

**Continued shipping backlogs at California ports prove a headache for farm exporters.

Ports have struggled to keep up with shipment volumes as Americans ordered more goods from Asia during the pandemic.

As a result, outgoing shipments of perishable fruits and vegetables have been delayed causing some to spoil before they reach their destination.

In some cases, exporters can ship produce by air.

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