My dad used to say "you can't soar with the eagles by day if you are going to stay up with the owls at night."  It was his ornithological way of saying "don't stay up too late because you have work to do tomorrow!" 

I heard but didn't always heed.  Now years later, despite a career that calls for me waking up at 4:15 each morning, I am still much more of a night owl by nature - and that isn't necessarily good! 

The one real advantage morning eagles have over night owls is that you day flyers have a lower risk of dying.

British researchers analyzed data on 50,000 people for six-and-a-half years and they discovered that people who liked to go to bed late and get up late had a ten percent higher risk of dying compared to people who preferred to go to bed early and get up early. (Is it fair to say this job has forced me to save my own life? Fascinating!)

Researchers say it's a real public health issue and society needs a conversation about adjusting work schedules in order to help late workers keep their body clocks more in sync with sun time.  (Daily Mail)

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