Walter Edward Williams is an African-American, economist, commentator, and academic. I first heard about the professor when he was a frequent fill-in host for Rush Limbaugh a few years back.  Williams is the John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University as well as a syndicated columnist and author whose writings appear on , WND and the Patriot Post. 

 In light of the ongoing protests, riots, looting and vandalism going on in the Country today over what is called "righteous anger", I thought I would share a few of the facts that Dr. Williams found that may adjust your take on those who justify "theft born of destitution."
Dr. Williams is a realist and a straight shooter who isn't afraid to call out the crippling affect of victimization. Williams wrote a recent column where he wanted to share a perspective and context on the reality of "poverty" in America.  Williams I'm sure wants the best for everyone and wishes a lesser life or fewer opportunities for no one.  But again he is a realist, an economist and wants us all to consider the reality of FACTS.

The Good Doctor writes, "A recent study by Just Facts, an excellent source of factual information, shows that after accounting for income, charity and non cash welfare benefits such as subsidized health care, housing, food stamps and other assistance programs, “the poorest 20% of Americans consume more goods and services than the national averages for all people in the world’s most affluent countries.” This includes the majority of countries that are members of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, including its European members. The Just Facts study concludes that if the U.S. “poor” were a nation, then it would be one of the world’s richest."

George Floyd was murdered.  No question about that. I get the hurt and frustration of sincere protesters. But their numbers serve as cover for criminals and anarchists and I have yet to hear any of the good guys call out the bad guys who used them and whose violent actions of arson and theft, undercut the protesters message of equal justice for all. It infuriates me to see criminal destruction of neighborhoods, and all "those who play as protesters" breaking into stores and stealing items like like shoes, jewelry and flat screen televisions.

But you say -what can you expect from someone who has nothing of their own because of systemic racism? Doesn't that "justify" their actions?

Dr. Williams, shouldn't we expect that kind of "I gotta get mine now" behavior?

Williams says the studies show, "The typical poor American has more living space than the average non-poor individual living in Paris, London, Vienna, Athens and other cities throughout Europe. Ninety-seven percent of poor households have one or more color televisions — half of which are connected to cable, satellite or a streaming service. Some 82% of poor families have one or more smartphones."

The frustrated point here is a call for truth.  We can't move ahead in conversation or in progress to a solution if everyone can't agree to the reality of circumstance.  How "unjust" is our justice system, how unequal is our society and what are the contributing factors, and how poor are our poor that some say need a redistribution of wealth or at least deserve to be given a pass to loot?

Read Dr. Williams complete article HERE


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