A Yakima County Superior Court jury deliberated for only a few hours before returning  a guilty verdict Wednesday in the trial of John Munzenreder. After a three-week trial, Munzenreder was found guilty in the February 28, 2013, shooting death of his wife, Cynthia Kelly-Munzenreder, outside the Majestic Theatre in Union Gap. She died two days later as a result of the shooting.

A former coworker of Munzenreder, Juan Ibanez-Cortez, testified that Munzenreder had offered him $20,000 to kill Kelly-Munzenreder. Ibanez said he refused to do the job, but agreed to hide the gun for Munzenreder after the shooting.

Ibanez-Cortez was allowed to plead guilty to second degree-murder in return for his testimony against Munzanreder.

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