Seattle Restaurant Week ends on November 4th, and there is a cool and swanky restaurant in Seattle that you might want to check out if you've never been there before. This eatery has enjoyed people raving about its gourmet food for over a decade. If you love menus with "plates" of seafood, duck confit, or a heaping bite of gourmet pasta, then this place might be the next Seattle restaurant you need to visit. MKT is a fine dining restaurant experience that is one of the few Michelin starred restaurants in Seattle, WA.


There are two awards a restaurant can get that not only puts them on the culinary map, it gives them great bragging rights, to boot: a James Beard award and a Michelin Star. A restaurant can earn a Michelin star when anonymous fine dining food critics, who happen to be Michelin inspectors, enjoy the food so much on more than one occasion, they want the restaurant included in the prestigious Michelin Guide.

It's not even about the ambiance or interior of the restaurant that gets calculated in the Michelin star rating; what matters most is the quality of the food, the personality of the chef, and the value of the meal for its price point. Find out more about how a restaurant gets a Michelin star here.


Italian-inspired cuisine is on the menu at MKT. The name stands for Meridian-Keystone-Tangletown, the surrounding neighborhoods of the restaurant. Keeping up with the times, MKT has added take-out and DoorDash options for hungry customers.


During Seattle Restaurant Week you can enjoy a gourmet meal for $65.

Come prepared to shell out some dough, though. Unless you go to MKT during Seattle Restaurant Week, this ain't a Cheesecake Factory kind of date, okayyy!

Cheesecake Factory Date
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Customers on Yelp often complain about the price of the food at MKT, but other patrons say it's worth the cost to eat here.


This "Gnocci Date Night" to-go meal for 2 is $104.

MKT: Have You Checked Out This Michelin Starred Restaurant in Seattle
MKT via Google Maps


This Duck Confit is $42. It comes with parsnip mash, apple cider braised beet tops, cherry gastrique.

Duck Confit at MKT in Seattle
MKT via Google Maps

One disgruntled person was disappointed that they were offered a "tablespoon of Champagne" after experiencing problems with their reservation. There are hundreds of great reviews for MKT, too. Tips for your dining experience are to relax when you go because you'll find ample parking, a quiet neighborhood vibe, friendly service, and delicious bites. Check out the to-go menu here.


2108 N 55th St, Seattle, WA 98103

Offers fine cuisine in the heart of Seattle, WA

"Although MKT originally stood for Meridian-Keystone-Tangletown, we lovingly refer to MKT as 'Market' due to its vibrant market-like atmosphere." - MKT

Have you been to this Michelin-starred restaurant before? Tell us about your favorite dishes and your experiences dining here. Do you think it's worth the fine dining rating?

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