Like it Spicy? So do we!

I like salsa that is so spicy, it makes my eyes water! I don’t know why I love the pain from good salsa, but that is one of the two elements that makes for a great salsa. If a Yakima restaurant's salsa isn't spicy, I don't go back to eat at that establishment.

There are two main elements that makes for a great salsa at a Yakima restaurant: the spice level and the salty-ness (it has to be savory).

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A perfect spicy salsa in a Yakima restaurant is the flavor. I don’t want a spicy salsa that tastes like I’m eating dirt. Ew. Gross.


Here are 3 places in Yakima where I’ve found the salsa pretty dang spicy and left my mouth crying out for water and some extra tortillas asaptually!

1. Antojitos Mexicanos
3512 Summitview Ave

The green (verde) salsa is kinda spicy!

Anjojitos Mexicanos Restaurant in Yakima
Google Maps

2. El Porton de Pepe
15 S 5th Ave

I love their spicy salsa so much, I order it by the large container!

El Porton de Pepe Mexican Restaurant in Yakima
Google Maps

3. C&S Coffeehouse
412 S 40th Ave

The spicy red salsa that I ordered for my chorizo breakfast burrito is HOT!

Chorizo Burrito with Spicy Red Salsa from C and S Coffeehouse in Yakima
Credit: Reesha Cosby

Speaking of the best and tastiest burritos in Yakima, I found five local places where they serve some dang good ones. You can read about it here or click on the link below.



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