I noticed last week that the "FOR SALE" sign is gone at the old 7-Eleven on Summitview Ave in Yakima, and there has been some recent construction activity.

The street address is 1512 Summitview. I saw a man painting the building a new color, and I peeped that there have been some structural improvements to the façade.

West Valley Market Smoke Shop
google street view

I want to know what's going up in the old 7-Eleven building, so being naturally nosy, I did some digging around to see what clues I could dig up. It's like I'm like the Yakima version of the Scooby Doo Gang.


It seems that the old 7-Eleven building is being replaced by the West Valley Market Smoke Shop, or at least that's what I gleaned on the Washington business license website.

It's basically going to be another convenience store. I had been hoping it would become a new eatery, offering some kind of food besides burgers, Mexican food, coffee, sushi, take-and-bake pizza, and Indian food. (Those are the nearby restaurants.)


West Valley Market Smoke Shop is still waiting to receive final approval to open up shop, but it has already acquired the business license to sell groceries, beer, and wine.

A license to sell lottery tickets, stuff that people smoke (cigarettes, tobacco products, vapes, and the like), is pending, too.

It will be great to have a new business in the neighborhood and a new place to go for some late night runs like we used to do at the old 7-Eleven!

"🎵Memories...like the corners of my mind...Those old 7-Eleven memories...of the way we were🎵"

The Old 7-Eleven on Summitview
google street view



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