Just when we thought we were done with all the white stuff. We just put our snow shovels back in the shed and prepped the mower. Hung up the winter coat and pulled out the windbreaker. Put away our long johns and prepared for the short shorts. Mother Nature says, "Not so fast!"

.It's almost like Mother Nature is arguing with us, storms out of the room, and then kicks the door back in with an "OH, AND ONE MORE THING!"

Well, at least for some areas of the Yakima Valley. It's looking to be a wet weekend and beginning of next week, and for some, a wintery mix.

In Yakima, there's a 30% chance of rain on Friday. Double that on Saturday and a 50/50 chance on Monday.

My old stomping ground of Naches might not be done with the white stuff just yet. Friday shows a 35% chance of rain, and snow could fall on Saturday and Monday.

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There is a 45% Chance of snow on Saturday and only 35% on Monday. The nice part is that whatever does fall shouldn't stick, and if it does, it'll be gone by the afternoon. Most of the possible 'sky flakes' look to fall overnight, with the most only being half an inch around 2 a.m.

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As with all things weather-related, it can change from day to day. For people in the Naches, Tieton, and the Nile areas, you might want to bundle up a little longer and check on your outdoor pets and livestock, making sure they're warm and covered.

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