In March, I wrote about how fortunate we are in the Yakima Valley to have an emergency room for pets. It can be a very scary situation for pet parents to find themselves in when they need help. Especially when your "kiddo" can't tell you what is exactly wrong.

Word now comes that we won't be that fortunate in the new year.

"Yakima Pet Emergency is permanently closing our doors after 12/31/23."

That is the message posted on the front of the Yakima Pet Emergency website.

"Our top priority has always been to provide compassionate and quality emergency care to the Yakima pet community. However, due to staffing challenges, we have faced difficulties meeting our commitment to hours."
Yakima Pet Emergency Service Facebook Page

Now that our E.R. for pets is set to close, that leaves the next closest one to our area is roughly an hour and a half's drive away.

"If you are experiencing a pet emergency, please contact Mid-Columbia Pet Emergency at 509-547-3577."

Mid-Columbia Pet Emergency is located at 8913 Sandifur Parkway in Pasco, and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (Yakima's Pet Emergency has experienced limited hours in the past couple of years.)

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Thanks to Summitview Cowiche Vet Clinic for this information:
List of 24-hour pet hospitals & check out ER Vets of Western Washington's Facebook Page.
1. Mid-Columbia Pet Emergency Services in Pasco, 509-547-3577
2. Seattle Veterinary Specialists in Kirkland, 425-823-9111
3. Pet Emergency Clinic & Referral Center in Spokane, 509-326-6670
4. Washington State University Teaching Hospital in Pullman, 509-335-071
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I've used Yakima Pet Emergency many times throughout my cat Rayne's life and even 6 months ago with my little dog Rusty. The staff there has always been kind, knowledgeable, caring and helpful. It is indeed a sad event for the Yakima Valley. I wish all the hard workers and pet health caregivers good luck in their futures and a big Thank You for being there for our four-legged friends when we needed them!

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