The 3rd Annual Drive-Thru Holiday Light Fest is in full gear, and I have heard nothing but positive comments and praise about the event (for an official review, click here). I, myself, finally got a chance to take a drive and I have to say, I was blown away. They’ve done an amazing job and it was indeed a feast for my eyes. Although, I do have a few suggestions for the fourth and even fifth annual Drive-Thru Holiday Light Fest.

Now keep in mind, my suggestions are a little tongue-in-cheek, but I think it’d be cool. Will they ever become reality? Who knows, this is a time for Christmas miracles after all. So if you’d like to read the three ways I’d add to an already amazing event, keep on reading! (Plus, after my wacky thoughts, there will be instructions on how you can enter to win your own pass to the Drive-Thru Holiday Light Fest).

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3: Suggestions for The Drive-Thru Holiday Light Fest - Robotic Movie Scenes.

When Disneyland opened their new Marvel wing of the theme park, one feature that stood out to me was the robot Spider-Man that ran and jumped from building to building. Sure, the robot broke and caused a lot of damage and scared people. But you don’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs. I’d like to see something like this at the Light Fest. We could start off small, like having a robotic boy waving his arms and crying while his face is pressed up against a flag pole acting like his tongue was stuck per A Christmas Story. But after a few years, I fully expect to see an animatronic Chevy Chase shooting flames as he jumps the Ag building as Clark Griswold on a metal sled! This would be epic!

2: Suggestions for The Drive-Thru Holiday Light Fest – Designated Donut Area

I’m not talking about the kind of doughnuts you can eat, I’m talking the kind that you can do in your car. Here’s how I think it could work… at some point during the drive-thru, you have it split off into a separate line. In that line, you can pay an extra $10, sign a legal waiver so if you do something dumb and break something (yourself, your car, or the park) you can’t sue and are held liable for any damage. Now that all the legal stuff is out of the way, your car is led into the grand stands, and free to have fun in the snow… for 15 minutes.

1: Suggestions for The Drive-Thru Holiday Light Fest – Two Words… Die Hard!

I want to drive through the Sundome with it all decked out in scenes from the Christmas film, Die Hard. In fact, they can have the driving area all decked out in tunnels designed to look like the inside of air ducts. You could have a model of Nakatomi Plaza in one corner with a little Hans Gruber falling. He gets closer and closer to the ground as you get closer to the end. Light effects would simulate the gunfire and glass breaking. All while the movie plays in the background. At the end of this section… everyone gets a Twinkie! Yippee Ki-Yay indeed!

Bonus Suggestion for The Drive-Thru Holiday Light Fest – Krampus!

I looked ahead, December of 2024, will have a Friday the 13th. Let’s turn it haunted for the night. Sure, it’ll be a lot of work, but only red and orange lights, with scary toys and Krampus. That would be entertaining and could possibly be the busiest night! Just a thought.

Thanks for reading my wacky thoughts for future installments of the annual Drive-Thru Holiday Light Fest. If you'd like to enter to win tickets and check it out this year, click here!


Here are some spectacular shots from the 2020 Drive-Thru Holiday Light Fest at State Fair Park

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