How do you compare a sunset?

How do you compare a rainbow?

How do you compare a distant star in the sky?

That is what it was like for me and my wife to decide on which bread pudding dessert we liked.

We’ve been a fan of Famous Dave’s tasty treat for a while, and when we heard that Yakima Steak Company also featured the dessert, we went to check it out.

Now full disclosure, I’ve searched other restaurants in the Yakima Valley, and only one other place popped up that allegedly had it.

Bread pudding dishes side by side, with a hungry emoji
tsm/Timmy - Canva

We (my wife and I) visited the pub, and when I asked about it, was told they were out.

So, we’ll try back later, and I’ll write another article throwing that one into the mix!

Before I tell you about the pros and cons of each of the mushy, warm, delicious bread and ice cream concoctions that we tried, here is what bread pudding actually is, for those not in the know.

Per Wikipedia: Bread Pudding is typically a sweet dessert made from stale bread, milk/cream (among other ingredients). It is served with a sweet sauce, eaten warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

The first time I had it, the texture of the food got me. A really thick, soggy bite of bread. But with it being warm and with the syrup, I got over the texture and enjoyed it pretty fast!

So who has the better bread pudding, Famous Dave’s or Yakima Steak Company?

Like I said earlier, how can you compare a sunset? They were both awesome!

Both were served with ice cream, pecans, whipped cream, and had us finishing the plate!

Where I would favor Yakima Steak Company’s over Famous Dave’s would be the lack of raisins. I’m not a fan of raisins, and Dave’s has that.

bread pudding
Yakima Steak Company's Bread Pudding - tsm/Timmy!

Where my wife would prefer Dave’s over YSC, is the pecans. She’s not the biggest fan of those. Dave’s chops them up, whereas YSC leaves them in bigger chunks.

It seems like Dave’s gives you a bigger serving size per order, but YSC’s sauce had a nice kick of Bourbon caramel!

bread pudding
Famous Dave's Bread Pudding - tsm/Timmy!

So which one is better? I can’t decide! I’m just grateful we have them both in the Yakima Valley!

Do you have a favorite, or do you know of another place in Yakima that serves bread pudding? Tap the App and let us know!

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