In my youth, if I had busted out my lightsabers and had an epic battle to the fictional death with one of my friends, only the Force knows how long I would have been teased. Man, do I love how the times have changed, and we can let our nerdy flags fly!

Two West Valley students did just that, and as a fellow Star Wars fan, it is fantastic! Video footage was captured by Mrs. Johnson (West Valley School teacher) and was shared.

"It's homecoming week & our theme is 'Get Your Glow On.' There was a volleyball game going on in the gym, and then this excitement in the parking lot!"
- Kristin Johnson

When it comes to the Star Wars fandom, it has had a rollercoaster of love and hate ever since Disney took the franchise over, but one thing is for sure: when you're holding a lightsaber, you feel pretty epic (I know, I have 3 of them). Check out the spectacular battle video below:

Before anyone talks trash about these two doing what they love, remember, they could be doing stuff far worse. You can turn on your local news to get a taste of the alternative. Instead, these two are out having fun, exercising, living their best life, and being in the moment. I, for one, am proud of them, and so is their teacher.

"This was just randomly happening outside. I loved it so much!"
- Kristin Johnson

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