Judging by the headline, you might think that this is a classic case for an entry into the Darwin Awards, but no. Sadly, in this incident, an individual was trying to be helpful with nature while another person with a firearm was allegedly scared.

Earlier this month, 37-year-old Daniel Spaeth was fatally shot while attempting to slow traffic near his home 40 miles north of Seattle and help deer cross the busy street.

Spaeth, a corrections officer for the Washington State Department of Corrections, was shot by 22-year-old Dylan Picard.

At first glance of the situation, you ask yourself if this was a dumb hunter attempting to get an easy shot and screwed up big time. After you hear about Spaeth's profession, you wonder if this is some type of retaliation against the police, especially since the shooter did not get out of his vehicle to see what he had done.

The Investigation Into Spaeth's Death Begins

After taking a report from Spaeth's wife, authorities had to use a nearby business's surveillance camera footage in order to help put the pieces together. They believed the shot came from a Lexus sedan, and the car was spotted, and the driver was arrested the next day.

What Happened According To Spaeth's Shooter

According to reports, Picard saw how cars were slowing down and that a man and woman were in the roadway with the man being irate at the vehicle in front of him. Allegedly, Picard reached for his gun because he was scared and fired one shot as Spaeth approached the passenger-side window, attempting to scare the man away.

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Picard did not stop after the shooting or attempt to call emergency services. The investigation is ongoing, but Picard was charged with second-degree murder with bail set at $500,000. He is currently being held at Snohomish County Jail.

Was Spaeth's Death Caused By Misidentified Road Rage?

If Picard is being truthful in what he told authorities; obviously, he should have handled the situation much differently. First, roll your windows up, do not get out of the car, and if you are that fearful, call 9-1-1 and do your best to get out of the situation. Road rage incidents are becoming more common, but is this a case of misidentified road rage with a tragic ending, or did Picard know exactly what he was doing, and fear had nothing to do with the actions? We may never know.

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