Did a player for the 49ers get attacked in Vegas? Was it a member of the Chief's team? Could a coyote attack on an NFL player even decide the Super Bowl? Maybe!

Living in the Pacific Northwest, most are well aware of the dangers of wildlife like mountain lions, bobcats, and coyotes. But would an NFL player be that aware? Especially if their heads are “Not In The Game” of nature because their head is in “the Big Game”?


Plus, when you’re in Vegas, the last thing you’re thinking about is being attacked by a wild animal (not talking about white tigers). But that is what has alleged happened to one of the NFL players who is set to play this Sunday. But could it happen?

In a post on social media page X, the page Las Vegas Locally mentioned that an NFL player was attacked at Lake Las Vegas on Sunday night. BarStoolSports picked up the posting and has brought up more questions than answers!

No player has been named; neither team has confirmed or denied the report. But with the NFL’s grand prize of The Vince Lombardi Trophy on the line, I can see why no one wants to speak up, not to mention all the factors when it comes to gambling. Knowing that a player is out could tip the odds.


Local law enforcement has commented that there have been NO reports of an animal attack, but once again, if a player did get injured, would the NFL cover it up like a mafia hit? Their doctors and medical staff are on the clock to ensure the players stay healthy. Depending on the severity of the (alleged) animal attack, their medical crew could handle the job.


Let’s say there WAS an animal attack. Coyotes look like dogs. Some people have the goal in life to pet EVERY SINGLE DOG. Maybe that’s the running-up goal for that certain player? First, win the Super Bowl! Second, PET EVERY SINGLE DOG! Third, go to Disneyland.

What We Want To Know In The Alleged NFL Player Coyote Attack

Could a coyote attack happen? Sure, it would not surprise me. Could it affect the outcome of the game? Depending on the player and the injury, sure. Why would either team keep it quiet? Perhaps to keep the players' and fans' heads clear and in the game.


If the NFL officially knew about it, why would THEY keep it quiet? I'm sure money could be a big reason. DID IT HAPPEN? It is anybody's guess.

Now, if someone reported that an NFL player was attacked by a Cougar in Vegas, I'd ask what her name was.

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