We are technically only a month into summer, and it is flying by. Thank goodness we're not dealing with smoke issues like in years past, but we are still dealing with the heat. Yeah, we always have that problem this time of year; go figure!

Being a bigger guy, I do my best to find ways to stay cool. And being a guy who hates the "norm", I look for new, creative, and cheaper ways to keep cool throughout these heated months! Here are some of the ideas I've come up with!

5 Unconventional Ways To Stay Cool This Summer!

#5 Sit on Ice

man loading ice on a cart, man smiling

A bag of ice could run you around $2. Find a nice grassy area, and have a seat. It'll cool your body's "swampy" regions, cooling you down quite fast! Note: If you're attempting to have children, check with your doctor first before you use this method of cooling down.

#4 Spend A Day at the Movies

Reopening of the cinemas
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With big releases like Barbie and Oppenheimer hitting theatres, those two films alone could kill a whole day. Theaters have some of the best AC I've ever been in! Plus, popcorn!

#3 Orchard Sprinklers

orchard sprinklers with a cartoon excited kid

Living in the PNW, we are surrounded by great orchards. This is a great way to cool down when the sprinklers are on. NOTE: Make sure you have permission since these orchards are on private property, and more importantly, make sure it's water you're running through and not the chemical pesticides they spray on the trees. You wanna stay cool, not be on ice (permanently).

#2 Float The River

Bill E Goat
Bill E Goat

This can be great. But I recommend having a buddy. That way, you can be safe. It's free (not counting the cost of gas, a ride up there, and floatation equipment). But if you're a "plumper" person, you won't need the raft or innertube on the river (although I'd still wear a life preserver, just to be safe).

#1 Hang out in the Freezer Section At Costco

Costco Freezers

Very few areas in town will freeze your nose hairs quite as fast as the freezer sections in Costco. Yes, you will need a membership since they are cracking down on card sharing, but if you don't buy anything, that'll be one less worry for you.

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