Some may joke that the President's actions lately have been from another world, but this video takes it to a whole new level of weird and unusual. Cue the spooky governmental conspiracy X-Files music & check this out.

On December 10th, a couple of of amateur plane trackers were filming a live-stream around LAX focusing on President Biden’s trip in the area with Air Force One.

While filming, Joshua and Peter Solorzano, captured F-35 fighter jets on patrol as well as being refueled mid-air by a KC-10 tanker plane. They also filmed something that is a little harder to explain. Small white/silver spherical objects passing by the Air Force 1, three times.

“It’s directly above us. It is moving, it’s not a star. I’m telling you they’re flying in from the ocean. Very strange right now.”

The stream was picked up by The Daily Mail, who (along with many in the UFO community) compared the objects to UFOs caught by Reaper drone cameras in the Middle East.

The live stream video was taken, analyzed, and discussed by Professor of Science at Harvard University, Dr. Avi Loeb on The Hill TV's show Rising. The segment is below.

What do you think was filmed? UFOs or as they're now officially called "UAPs"? Birds, balloons, drones, satellites, Aliens looking for intelligent life? Tap the App and let us know.

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