I watched the new film Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. I liked it; it was terrific, and it is sad to think that all the negativity coming Disney's way hurt the latest adventure for Dr. Jones. But if there is ever to be another adventure, this weird experience in Seattle could be an interesting start.

A post on Reddit from January 3rd tells the tale of an individual's weird experience on New Year's Eve when he parked his car and took a bus to a nearby bar for a visit. When he returned to his vehicle the following day, he noticed something unusual.

"There was a burlap rice bag folded and tucked in between my driver's side window and side view mirror. I thought it was very strange but assumed it was trash."

What would you do if you saw that thing on your car? I'd flick it off, and he had the same idea.

"I kicked it off with my foot, and it made a thud when it hit the ground. So I looked into the bag, and inside it were 2 stone carved Buddha statues, with moss on them."

The Reddit user didn't know what to think and posted the question to help get some input from others in the area. Is this a type of good omen or something more sinister?


Many teasing answers came, especially ones mirroring the tradition of Groundhog Day.

"2 Weeks of Enlightenment" – Manikin_Maker


"4 more weeks of winter" – SuperGeek13579

"The burlap rice bag is meant to hold rice flour. Flour is used by Bakers. This is an omen that the Seahawks are going to sign local Husky hero Budda Baker this off-season."
– CaptainMorgan90proof


One user with the screen name CorruptJudgeWatch had some shocking information that might shine some light on the burlap buddhas:

"Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple was broken into and arsoned recently. Please reach out and find out if it belongs to them."
– CorruptJudgeWatch

The user commented how timeline doesn't quite fit, from when he found the statues and the reported arson and theft occurred. The best bet is that he reports the incident, if nothing else, to help keep his name clear.

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What do you think? Well wishers on New Years? Someone "dropping it like its hot" because it might be? Good or bad omen? Should he keep it or report it? Tap the App and let us know what you'd do!

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