Here's a fact that I'm kind of embarrassed to announce, especially since I have lived in the Pacific Northwest all my life. I have only been to Seaside ONCE, and that was for a wedding. The wedding was beautiful, but it was raining the entire weekend, so my wife and I didn't really get out to have fun and adventure. I meant to go back, but it has yet to happen.

That's why when my friend Stacey Wilson posted the question on social media, I was pretty interested in the answers she got.

"What's some fun stuff to do in Seaside, Oregon? I'm here for the weekend and need some ideas!!" – Stacey Wilson

Many people chimed in with the average tourist activities of shopping! "go to all the little stores and look at all the treasures!" was a suggestion from Ahsley Batulayan, who also suggested the giant carousel little mall and arcade!

When it comes to stuff to do with the ocean, one of the first suggestions she got was to visit the beach and "Feed the seals!" Plus, you never want to waste an opportunity to enjoy paddle boats and kayaks! "Tide pools and check for starfish and little crabs as well as walk the shores and look for jellyfish" was a suggestion from Rusty Boltz

The Naval Museum and Aquarium were suggested with enthusiasm! As far as food, two places were highly recommended, and that was "The Irish Pub" (possibly Capricorn Pub) and the "Grisly Tuna" drive-through.

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If you want a tour guide, maybe let Keith Emhoff show you the way. His comment could schedule your whole stay!

"Google (Lani at the cove), get the address; just before you get there, on the right, you will see angle parking; this is where they surf from dusk to dawn. We have stayed at the Lani in the winter for years, and it's fun to watch them surf. Then there is a drive-through just as you enter the city called Grisly Tuna; you have to try their fish and chips as they are made from tuna (they are GREAT). You can drive South to Canyon Beach and walk around town and then to the beach out to the big rock. You can drive North to Fort Steven's State Park, then to Warrenton, and out to the bar where the Columbia and the ocean meet and watch the big ships come in and out. Across the bridge at Astoria, turn left and head to Cape Disappointment. Have fun and just relax."
– Keith Emhoff

What do you like to do in Seaside, Oregon? I'd love to know, as would Stacy! Tap the App and send us a message with your tips and suggestions!

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