Authorities in Yakima County continue to monitor the hundreds of sex offenders who make Yakima County home. Over the last 5 years the number of people being monitored has been between 700 and 900. Today 910 sex offenders live in the valley each legally labeled as an offender after being convicted in court. Of the 910 offenders 61 are labeled as "level three sex offenders" because authorities consider them to be the most likely to re-offend.

Authorities are also monitoring those convicted of kidnapping

Authorities in the county are also monitoring 12 people who have been convicted of kidnapping. Authorities monitor the offenders when they are released from prison and each month authorities in Yakima arrest people for not registering with authorities.
The offenders are required to register with the Yakima County Sheriff's Office when they are released from prison. They must provide an address or if they are homeless they're required to check in weekly with the sheriff's office.
Some don't follow the rules and fail to register and every month authorities arrest offenders for failing to register.

Do you know if any level three offenders live near you? Click the link

Authorities are urging parents to know where the offenders live to protect kids, especially the Level 3 offenders who they say are the most likely to reoffend. Officials with the Yakima County Sheriff's Office say information is available on the sheriff's office website at
The Yakima County Sheriff's Office website allows you to find the approximate address of Level 3 offenders to see if any are living in your area.
While 61 are the most likely to reoffend authorities say those who are Level 1 and 2 offenders are also a concern.

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