New menu item at Taco Bell? Yes, Please! But how long will we have to wait? We've gotten word that testing is happening, but will our foodies on the west coast get to enjoy this new item? Yes, but, for Taco Bell's latest venture into Chicken Nugget territory, it might be longer than we'd like.

Back in 2017, Taco Bell introduced the world to the limited-edition "Naked Chicken Chips." Remember those? They were thin chicken nuggets shaped in a triangle served with nacho cheese to dip. They were alright but didn't quite hit the nuggy fix for me.

Now we get word that TB will be rolling out a crispy chicken nugget that will be all-white-meat chicken, marinated in jalapeno-infused buttermilk and rolled into breading, complete with a new sauce for dipping.

The new menu item IS EXPECTED to be released nationwide (for a limited time), but for now, we'll have to wait while foodies in Minneapolis, Minnesota, get the first taste! If it does right there, we may be able to get our nugget and taco fix all in one spot!

What is your favorite Taco Bell item? What is something you wish they'd bring back? Did you cry when the Mexican Pizza made its triumphant return? Tap the App and let us know!

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