'Amsterdam-Style' cannabis cafes just got banned in CA, will WA state follow suit? Do we even have cannabis cafes in WA?

I have a knock knock joke for you, and I warn you, it's a groaner!

ME: Knock, knock.
YOU: Who’s there.
ME: Canna.
YOU: Canna, who?
ME: Canna come over and consume cannabis with you in the cafe?

YOU: Beat it, Toots, that’s now illegal in California and Washington could be next!


Well, guess I’ve used up my one “Get out of bad knock-knock joke” jail card for the year, so count your blessings. I could keep on going with the cannabis puns, but I don’t think that weed be appropriate.

California's Governor Newsom just vetoed a bill that bans any cafes from having group-style consumption of cannabis in public establishments. I didn’t even know cannabis cafes were a thing, but apparently, they are all the rage in Amsterdam. I've never been to Amsterdam! I'm old enough to know that pot is legal there, and they have so many small cafes that are “weed-friendly”, it's not even a big deal to them.

I’m also old enough to remember when we had something similar to these cafes in Washington state. Do you remember when vaping first started becoming popular? I actually went to a vape cafe down the block from my house a couple of times. I only stopped going because none of my other friends vaped, plus the satellite music that the vape place piped in got on my last nerve.

He said, and I’m paraphrasing here, “This ain’t Amsterdam!

CA Gov Gavin Newsome Bans Cannabis Cafes
Getty Images/Canva

Washington state has been known to copy whatever California does when it comes to things like cannabis, wages, and environmental protections, so I’m wondering if it will follow their example on cannabis cafes.

The fact that this bill was vetoed by the Guv-nah means that a majority of the California legislature were all for it. Since the U.S. is still under cannabis prohibition, I wonder if Governor Newsome vetoed the bill to avoid heavy scrutiny from the Feds? I would probably be cool with people freely going to Amsterdam-style cafes in California and Washington, so long as they aren’t near any schools and public parks–mostly because of the stench but also because I wouldn’t want any minors to try to sneak inside with fake IDs.

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