The Latest Numbers for State Elections
U.S. House District 1 NW, Snohomish
135 of 214 precincts - 63 percent
x-Suzan DelBene, Dem (i) 40,697 - 54 percent
x-Robert Sutherland, GOP 23,401 - 31 percent
John Orlinski, Dem 7,248 - 10 percent
Scott Stafne, Lib 2,102 - 3 percent
Alex Storms, IP 1,974 - 3 percent
2 to be nominated...
Lawmakers Endorse Hadian as Governor of WA State
Four state lawmakers have endorsed Shahram Hadian as governor of Washington State. Representative David Taylor of Moxee and representatives Brad Klippert, Jason Overstreet and Matt Shea say Hadian is a man of integrity and character willing to take tough stands based on republican principles...

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