Free Comic Book Day occurs on the first Saturday in May, and this year corresponded with National Star Wars Day (May the 4th).

Let's just say, the Force Was Strong with Free Comic Book Day in Yakima!

Starting back 22 years ago, Free Comic Book Day was invented to help with the synergy between Superhero films (Toby Maguire's Spider-Man of 2002) and the comic book industry.


But more importantly, to introduce the public to a new hobby. To give people a chance to try a new form of art and entertainment.

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For those who are already in love with the world of comic books, it was a way for them to try out a different genre. After all, comics don't just contain superheros!

Comic Books

There's a comic for every interest: Science fiction, romance, western, horror, historic, comical, etc., and with Free Comic Book Day, they were represented very well!

Over 40 titles were released this year, and many stores had books from previous years up for grabs!

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We are very lucky in the Yakima Valley to have some great comic shops.

  • Ron’s Coin & Collectables @ 6 N. 3rd St. in Yakima

  • Central City Comics @ 113 E. 4th Ave. in Ellensburg

  • The Tiny Comic Shop @ 512 E Charron Rd. in Moxee

  • Adventures Underground @ 1391 George Washington Way in Richland

  • Infinite Frontiers Collectibles @ 419 W Entiat Ave. in Kennewick

comic books next to a bag

I was only able to visit two of the shops on Saturday (Ron's & Central City), but for everyone who visited any or ALL of the stores, thank you.

For those who ONLY go in to get free books, I understand. BUT... remember to support these local businesses as well as the industry that we love so much. You know what will happen if we don't.

Take a look at some pictures I took from my visit at Ron's Coin & Collectables, and keep scrolling to see images from Free Comic Book Day from past years.

Free Comic Book Day in Yakima 2024

Free Comic Book Day falls on the first Saturday in May and in 2024, it also fell on Star Wars Day! The Force Was Strong with this nerdy event in Yakima! Check out some photos and what I picked up from the free event at Ron's Coin & Collectables.

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Free Comic Book Day: 2023

Here's a few pics of Free Comic Book Day 2023, taken at Ron's Coin & Collectables at 6 N 3rd St, in Yakima, Washington.

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Free Comic Book Day 2021

Check out Timmy's adventures around the Yakima Valley on his search for Free Comics on the the nerdiest of nerd holidays, Free Comic Book Day!

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