Eggnog is one of the weirdest drinks out there. Mainly because of the time frame we're allowed to drink it. Have a big glass of it this time of year, and people celebrate with you and don't even bat an eye. Take a drink of it in July, people give you a funny look.

Pour a little brandy into it on Christmas Eve,  you just might be the life of the party. Add Jägermeister to create a gross looking but delicious tasting JäggNog to enjoy with my tacos, suddenly I'm the one with the problem celebrating Cinco De Mayo.

I guess what I'm saying is, Eggnog is a great drink no matter the time of year and we need to end that stigma! But since this probably a losing battle, I'll enjoy it along with the rest of the country, since 'tis the season!

A recent survey shows how Washingtonians drink 31.6 Million Eggnogs this season.

"You gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers in this racket!"
- Mark Hanna (The Wolf of Wall Street) surveyed 3,000 "Nog-Heads" and found that on average, 6 eggnogs are drank this season. Which crunching the numbers comes out to about 1.2 billion. Now that number is combined for all of America.

Breaking it down by state, California will be chugging the most (and possibly suffering the most) with 163 million drinks. Now that make sense since California had the biggest population in the study. People in Washington are above the average with 7 nogs this season, which when crunching those numbers comes to roughly 31,689,944.

So what about AVERAGE DRINKS, who drinks the most per person? The top 3 states are Vermont with 19 this season, followed by Alaska at 14 and then Iowa & Oklahoma with 8 eggnogs each. Man, Vermont must have some issues, but lack of Eggnog is not one of them!

The survey is just delving into DRINKS... it doesn't crack down on the real weirdos who replace milk with eggnog for the breakfast cereal. SIDENOTE: If you used spiked eggnog as milk in your Rice Krispies, they will no longer be "snap, crackle pop", but they will be giving you instructions on how to over throw Santa's holiday regime.

Take a look at the fun interactive holiday map to check out which states REALLY have fun with their nog! How many nogs are you kicking back this season? Tap the App and let us know!

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