From The Stage, To The Screen, To Legends!

The music that has defined a generation and made the Broadway stage rock harder than it has ever done before is coming to Toppenish, and we have your tickets! Fill out the entry blank below and prepare for Nothin' But A Good Time!

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Relive the 80's like never before! Rock Of Ages, the Five-Time Tony Award nominated Broadway Show's band, who has collectively performed over 10,000 shows, and have entertained millions of fans, and now it's your turn to get rocked!

Broadway's Rock Of Ages Coming To Legends!

Rock Out to Broadway's Rock of Ages at Legend's Casino Hotel on Friday, July 21st! Doors open at 7pm and show starts at 8pm! This is an 18 and older event! Tickets on Sale NOW! To purchase tickets, CLICK HERE! For more information on ALL of the upcoming events at Legends Casino Hotel, check out their website,

Enter To Win Tickets To Broadway's Rock Of Ages At Legends!

Don't Stop Believing and you could win tickets to see Broadway's Rock of Ages at Legends Casino Hotel on Friday, July 21st at 8pm! Fill out the entry form below. Contest ends on at midnight on Monday, June 12th 2023. Enter to win tickets to "Broadway's Best Party", with the force behind it! Broadway's Rock of Ages!

Five Posters Every Guy Had in their Room in the 80's

Five of the most popular posters from the 80's.

Huge list of "Cool Stuff" that kids in the 80's and 90's were all about.

Everything from the 80's and 90's screams "Cool!". Ok, looking back at photos of kids in their bright neon shorts and Hypercolor shirts where their armpits were pitted out, that really doesn't look all that "cool" today but if you were a kid back then, we sure felt like we knew style. Go through the list and see how many of these items you had in your room or used back in the day.



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