An investigation is underway following the death of a female inmate at the Benton County Jail in Kennewick.

  The woman was found unresponsive around 3:30 AM Thursday morning

According to the BCSO, Deputies were alerted by Corrections staff at the jail around 3:30 AM, for a female inmate who was found to be unresponsive.

Officials say staff members found her during a routine regular check at 3:25 AM. Workers immediately began performing CPR on the woman, and an AED (automated external defibrillator) was also utilized. This device allows for emergency shocking of a patient to restore their heartbeat.  Paramedics were also dispatched to the jail.

However, despite these and other measures, the BCSO says the woman could not be revived.

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She had been arrested on a local charge and booked into the jail the day before, July 19th.  No other information about the woman has been released. More details are expected to be released soon.

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