The situation with WA State sending chicken-tuna settlement refund checks to dead people in WA just got a lot stranger.

  Deceased wife of House GOP Committee Chairman gets one

As we have been reporting, WA state has dispersed $40.6 million dollars to 400K persons or families in WA state from settlement money concerning a lawsuit.

The lawsuit against 19 major chicken and tuna producers, accused them of collusion and price-fixing to make more money, the alleged fixes took place a few years ago.

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First, WA State Attorney General Bob Ferguson came under fire because his name was on the checks as the payer, his signature was there, and he sent a letter accompanying the check that critics say makes it look like he trying to spin this for good public relations. He is running for Governor, and an ethics complaint has been filed with the WA State Ethics Board.

Then, reports began to flow into State GOP leaders, including new Chairman Jim Walsh, about hundreds of dead people getting refund checks. One of them died 40 years ago.

  Now, the story takes another strange turn

On his Facebook page, and also reported by independent journalist Brandi Kruse on X (Twitter)  Jim Walsh reported Jan.4 a settlement refund check arrived made out to his wife Jamie, who died in October 2022 in a tragic car vs. logging truck crash. She now joins the numbers of those who have allegedly received money despite being deceased, it appears now those numbers are close to or over 1,000--and climbing according to anonymous sources.

Brionna Aho of the Attorney General's office disputes Walsh's figures, saying  they are aware of 167 reports of a deceased person receiving a check, out of about 10,000 calls to the claims administrator.

Below is a picture from Walsh's Facebook page of the check made out to his late wife, for $120.  That would indicate a 'family' payment.

(Jim Walsh Facebook)
(Jim Walsh Facebook)

Walsh's comment on his page was brief..." stranger than fiction." 


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