By a unanimous vote, the Idaho State House has moved a bill that would ban all marijuana ads in their state. The ads come from pot stores like this one on East Trent in the Spokane Valley near Stateline, and others along the Idaho-WA and Idaho-OR border.

 Idaho legislators are tired of seeing billboards, signs for WA pot shops

The situation is most prevalent between Spokane and the State Line. According to Inside Audio Marketing,  a number of legislators and other officials have noticed growing numbers of billboards and signs near Stateline, Post Falls, and other areas along the WA State border, advertising pot shops, and services in WA.

Recreational pot is legal in WA, and OR,  Idaho is one of only four states where all forms of pot are banned--even medical marijuana. Republican House Rep Judy Boyle recently filed a bill, RS 31043, that would ban all forms of pot advertising in Idaho--including the billboards and signs.

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Legislators have noted many of the signs advertise pot delivery services to Idaho residents within certain distances of the WA border. Boyle said the bill is to ban the advertising and sale of illegal substances in the state. She and others say, why should Idaho allow the promotion of something illegal in their state?

Besides Idaho, Wyoming, Kansas, and South Carolina do not allow any kind of marijuana business. The proposed measure passed by a unanimous vote, and how heads to a House committee.

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