Every year as we get closer to spring, I will start to hear talks around the Wenatchee Valley of the different recreational passes available to be able to fish, hike, hunt, so on.


Do we actually know the differences between each pass?

and if not, how do we know...

Which Recreational pass is right for us?

All very solid thoughts. We spend so much on gas just to get to these places to begin the adventures, we don't want to spend money when we either don't have to or maybe we don't need the permit/pass after all.

Let's break down the Washington State Permits and the Federal Permits available.

Washington State Passes Needed for Recreational Adventures

From the Federal permits needed to the state passes, we have the master list of all the passes you'll need for recreational adventure in Washington State.

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I will say, that pesky Discover Pass makes me do this... (see below)


You see, I worked in a sporting goods store when Washington State first implemented the permit for people to buy.

I thought my days of explaining the Discover Pass were over, then I wrote this article.

Maybe hiking, fishing and camping aren't your thing, well, below is something for you. I just know it! (CityPass for Seattle is the pass I want!)

Things to do in Washington State

Social media could be down, or you may just simply be looking for something to do in our great Evergreen state, check out these options!

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Before you decide to take that adventurous hike, or find that favorite fishing hole, ask yourself...

Do I have the right Pass for this?

Fines and Fee will not compare.

If you are maybe the type to say, "ah I'll just pay the fine."

Ya, don't do that, you'll end up spending way more than you ever thought or intended to.




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