Maybe you've heard me talking about my progress in better health and fitness since my promotional workouts began two months ago at Achieve Health and Fitness.  Things are going really well, so with that as a current focus, I am noticing more and more articles about diet and working out.

I recently saw some articles talking about the impact of 12 hour fasts.  Basically the contention is that you can eat more of what you want  as long as you have a 12 hour break between your last bite of the day and the first bite the next day.

So here it is again.   According to the Daily Mail, following an intermittent fasting diet could help you increase your workout endurance which naturally leads to better everyday fitness.

A new study from the U.K.'s National Institute of Health (NHS) found that those who fasted for regular periods of time burned fat instead of sugars during exercise, which allowed them to work out for 20 to 30 percent longer because fats are a more efficient energy source.

Sounds promising but so far you'll have to speak mouse to get a first hand report...the research so far has been limited to mice. (Daily Mail)

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