By now society has delivered the message to everybody not to drink and drive but what about smoking weed and driving?  That message remains a bit cloudy. Marijuana enthusiasts point out the lack of harm that comes from marijuana use but Time Magazine is reporting that highway accident statistics tell a different story.

Start with April 20th, or "4/20," where new data reveals that day isn't all fun and munchies.  Researchers looked at 25 years of data on fatal vehicle crashes in the U.S. They compared the number of drivers involved in fatal crashes from 4:20 p.m. to midnight on April 20th, compared to the same time frame one week earlier and one week later.

They found the risk of a fatal crash was 12 percent higher on April 20th, and it was 38 percent higher for drivers under age 21.  38%! Do you want your kid taking that kind of extra risk?

Study authors conclude "No matter where people live... impairment with drugs and alcohol increases the risk of crash. Keep yourself and everyone else safe: Don’t drive high."  (Time)

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