In the last couple of weeks of August before the kids head back to school, grandma and grandpa can often find themselves in charge of the G-kids while mom and dad sneak away for a little much needed "we" time.

Everything is going well for granny until bedtime. Now what? How does the ever generous grandma convince the kids to call it a day?  Mickey Mouse to the rescue!

If you're having issues getting your kid you sleep Disney wants to help you out. The company has launched a new hotline service that connects your child with Mickey, who tells them it's time to go to sleep.

Disney partnered with certified pediatric sleep coach Lauren Olson to come up with the hotline and all parents have to do is call 877-7-MICKEY to hear the happy mouse telling their child it's time to hit the hay.   Cool idea, especially if the kids  still have a trip to Disneyland on their plastic pail bucket list.

The hotline also has the voices of Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Goofy available as options. but act fast. it's only available through August 31st.

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