Whatever you do, don’t look him in the eye and don’t give him a name—or else you’ll be eating tofu!  Some people have turkeys as pets, I prefer mine as main course.

If you want to talk turkey over the holiday, you’ll need to know this!

  • Turkeys live in flocks, roosting at night in thick tree trunks.
  • Male turkeys are called "gobblers" or "toms" and female turkeys are called "hens."
  • Turkeys are polygamous -- one male has a harem of females.
  • Toms attract hens by gobbling and strutting.
  • Hens lay about 12 eggs at a time, which hatch in 28 days.
  • Wild turkeys can fly at speeds up to 55 miles per hour and run at around 12 miles per hour. However, domesticated turkeys can't fly at all.
  • Turkeys have 27 calls besides the gobble, including the "kee-kee," the "purr," the "yelp," the "whine" and the "cluck.

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