Post Brexit Row Intensifies Over Sovereignty Of Gibraltar
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After putting in a full day of work, do you go home looking just to hit the couch and veg for a couple of hours before bedtime?  Feeling too tired to accomplish anything positive with your evening hours?  Well, science says how you feel after work may very well depend on what you do at noon.

A study published in the Journal of Occupational Healthy Psychology says if you want to be less tired after work, go for a walk at lunch.

Researchers found when workers took 15 minutes of their lunch break to walk through a nearby park and focus on their natural surroundings, they had more enjoyment than they did during a typical lunch break with multiple payoffs.

Those who took the walk and nature break enjoyed improvements in concentration and fatigue, and those benefits even lasted for hours after people took their breaks making them more productive for the remainder of their day. (Time)

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