Break me off a piece of that vacation time! Hot diggity dog, we need it. If you think that you're being a bad *** mother ****** by working long hours, with no breaks and you're really showing everyone. You're not. You are burning yourself out and once you get fired for going off on someone or need to resign because you've made yourself sick. Your employers will find someone to replace you.

It's not a knock on your skills or that you aren't an incredible employee. We're all replaceable and once you start knowing where your line is, your life will be MUCH more well-rounded.

I took a staycation and stayed put. It was the best decision I've made and I encourage you to try it too!

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Five Thoughts I Had During My Staycation

  1. I've never really had a staycation. At some point in the past, I was back at work or heading off for a last-minute overnight adventure. I would end up feeling exhausted AND broke going back to work. That doesn't seem right. Stay put for once and reap the benefits.
  2. We're not connecting with ourselves enough. Social media has got us all living vicariously through everyone else. Either we're spending WAY too much time perfecting a post to make it appear to our followers, our lives are under control or we are getting all jelly because such and such always seems to be going on an adventure. Disconnect from the socials that aren't bringing you happiness and gut that friends list every once and a while. We can't control what we see when we scroll so we might as well set ourselves up as best we can beforehand.
  3. Create a sanctuary at home. My husband and I have never lived in a home before. It's always been cramped apartments with no yard or privacy to enjoy so for the first time we spent our days fiddling around in the yard and it was THE MOST FUN. Daydreams of adding this or taking that out were turning into reality and as the sunset each evening, we enjoyed what we accomplished each day. So much fun and now's the perfect time to enjoy before it gets crazy hot.
  4. Enjoy dining out or ordering to-go, support the local restaurants you always say, "oh, I need to check them out, when I have time." You have it so take advantage. Your vacation is supposed to be filled with rest and relaxation. You could go out of town and spend a crazy amount of money or save a little bit and still eat like a King or Queen.
  5. Do you. Everyone has an opinion about where and what you should do with your personal time. HUSH BABY, unless I asked, I don't need your opinion on how I choose to spend my downtime.

Lastly, after completing my first day back at work, this is what I'm taking with me. Spend your time wisely. I ended up writing down four items I wanted to accomplish each hour. Simple things like drink tea, take a shower, journal, eat breakfast. By just focusing on one item at a time I wasn't left feeling drained while running around with my head cut off. Your co-workers will always be there to rub you the wrong way so if you set yourself up for a productive day, when the unexpected hits, you can handle it all much better. I hope that you have some time off planned and if not, now is a great time to take a peek at the calendar. Work smarter, not harder, and please take care of yourself! So happy to be back sharing good times and great music with you all.


Sarah J

My Staycation

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