From California, Western Farm Press reports that strawberry and vegetable growers are leaving crops on the ground for lack of pickers. The farmers are angry that the H-2A worker program that was supposed to supply temporary foreign farm workers has failed them. While farm workers are frustrated with the system as well thus are staying home rather than heading north to work in orchards and farms in the Northwest, California and Colorado. American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall said that “Paperwork delays have created a backlog of 30 days or more in processing H-2A applications at both the Department of Labor and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. With cherry harvest beginning in the Northwest , growers are already reporting a shortage of pickers.

EPA’s cancellation of Bayers Belt insecticide was upheld by an agency administrative law judge. The administrative challenge now heads to EPA's Environmental Appeals Board, which has until July 6 to make a decision.