Have you ever had someone correctly guess your profession just from hearing you speak?  It happens to me all the time.  A few words into a new conversation and people for years have said "you sound like you must be in the radio business".   For the last 20 years they have been correct.  Which I guess is much better than having folks say, "I could never listen to you!"

We kid about this on the Morning News every time a story pops up from somewhere about what it means to have a "deep voice."   I think I have a little deeper voice than Lance does but so many you, our awesome listeners, say you often can't tell the difference between us so I guess that's up for debate.

A deep voice is usually part of the stereotype for a newsman,  announcer or radio dj. and our case it was just the luck of the draw that we both were born with deeper distinctive voices.  Today, a deep voice isn't a requirement for broadcasting.  It's better to be "real" and "natural' and "genuine".  A deeper voice is just an added bonus to the next generation of radio-types, however there are all kinds of things people can and do try in order to get a deeper voice.  Just do a google search for "How can I deepen my voice" and you'll get vocal chord stretching exercises, practice speaking drills and the offer of surgical procedures including injecting fat into the vocal chords!  Imagine all that, just to sound like Lance!

So where is this going?  Now there's a study out of China that discovered guys who speak in a lower pitch are the worst at communicating with their loved ones, and so can be more likely to avoid forming close attachments.      What?
But wait, there's more potential negativity to sounding like "that guy on the radio."  In addition, those deeper voiced individuals were found to use fewer "positive communication patterns" in their relationships compared to those who speak with a higher pitch.     What?
Here's the kicker and I can assure you it is not universally true (though I can't speak for Lance)  Researchers think that maybe deeper voiced guys -given the link between deeper voices and higher testosterone levels in men - deeper voiced guys would theoretically not have to try as hard to attract a mate.(HA!)   Higher voiced men in theory would have to develop those better communication strategies to attract a mate.

Follow the science?  Maybe not on this one!!

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