Dearest Guy Fieri, are you listening? These 9 Yakima Valley Drive-Ins in Washington state are right up the Mayor of Flavortown's alley! Please, Mayor Guy Fieri, come to the Yakima Valley! You could even feature one of our drive-ins on Diners, Dives, and Drive-Ins or on your new Food Network TV show, Guy's Family Road Trip!

Yes, Guy Fieri, our Yakima Valley drive-ins deserve all the love from you because they are downright TASTY AF, as the kids say. Notice, I did not use the word bussin to describe these nine great Yakima Valley drive-ins because it would totally embarrass my 11-year-old daughter, Willow, if I did that. I'm trying to behave, for once.

Our Yakima Valley drive-ins are spread out across our neck of Central Washington but you, Sir Mayor Guy Fieri, you always seems to head to the Tri-Cities, Leavenworth, Spokane, a ghost kitchen in Seattle, basically everywhere except for the Yakima Valley. What's up with THAT?


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Well, that ends my open letter to you, Guy Fieri. You've heard what I had to say. Now please reconsider your life choices to not feature any Yakima Valley drive-ins, dives, or diners. I'll help you narrow it down on where to stop on your next visit to Washington state, please see my list below. Thank you for reading, and I hope you are eating something that is burning the roof of your mouth (in a good way)!

Here are the 9 great Yakima Valley DRIVE-INS that I hope Guy Fieri will visit someday in the near future!

1. Stop & Go Drive-In

2820 Fruitvale Blvd
Yakima, WA

Would you be shocked if I told you I've never been to the Stop & Go Drive-In in the 20 years that I've lived in the Yakima Valley? I think it all stems from the fact that when I first arrived to Yakima, I got the impression in my mind that it was a drive-thru liquor store. How sad I was when I was told they are a restaurant. I'm going to put this place on my bucket list of places to eat before 2023!

Stop and Go Drive-In in Yakima
Google Maps

2. Laredo Drive-In

9921 US-12
Naches, WA

I haven't been to the Laredo but I want to visit them before the end of this year. They are going on my bucket list of places to eat before 2023. (Dang, my foodie bucket list is starting to get a little long!)

3. Pepp'rmint Stick Drive-In

4002 Main St
Union Gap, WA

When my momma came to visit me in Yakima a couple of years ago, I took her to the Pepp'rmint Drive-In for a delicious old-fashioned burger and fries. She loved it and I think Guy Fieri would, too!

Pepp'rmint Stick Drive-In in Union Gap, WA
Google Maps

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4. Miner's Drive-in

2415 S 1st St
Yakima, WA

I love this place and they have the best chili-burger in the entire world, but we already know celebrities like to visit here when they stop through the Yakima Valley. That being said, I wouldn't be mad if Guy Fieri wanted to put Miner's Drive-In on national TV!

Miner's Drive-In in Union Gap, WA
Google maps street view

5. Lariat Bar-B-Q

621 W Yakima Ave
Yakima, WA

I still can't believe I've never tried anything from this drive-in so I'm going to have to put this on my growing bucket list of things to eat before 2023. So should Guy Fieri!

Lariat Bar-B-Q Drive-In in Yakima WA
Google Maps

6. King's Row Drive-In

210 S 1st St
Selah, WA

They have ice cream, burgers, and shakes that locals love to wait in the drive-in line for.

King's Row Drive-In in Selah, WA
google maps

7. Sonic Drive-In

1327 South 1st St
Yakima, WA

I already know Guy Fieri would not feature Sonic on his Food Network shows because it is a fast-food chain, but they do have "Drive-In" in their name so I couldn't leave them out! I mean, sometimes the servers wear roller skates!

Sonic Drive-In in Yakima, WA
Google Maps

8. Bob's Drive-in

108 Yakima Valley Hwy
Sunnyside, WA
Come eat here, Guy Fieri! I've never been but their menu looks tasty. You seem like a "Smorgy Burger" kinda guy and I'm a "Pizza Burger" kinda lady. We could try their food out together and compare notes, whaddaya say?
Bob's Drive-In in Sunnyside
Google Maps

9. Ron's Tacos & Burgers

1529 W Lincoln Ave
Yakima, WA

I'm not sure people would consider Ron's Burgers and Tacos a drive-in per se, but I do. They are not a sit-down diner and you literally have to either drive-in to place your order or eat your meal to-go on the tables outside in the lawn.

Ron's Tacos & Burgers
Google Maps

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