National Grilled Cheese Day is here and it's one of my favorite holidays to celebrate, it's simple, brings back fond memories, and always hits the spot with a cup of tomato soup.

So we scoured the Yakima Valley looking for the best Sandwich for your money. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with our list, especially if you're in the Yakima Valley.

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Cheese Junkies 16th and Summitview

Cheese Junkies is relatively new to the Yakima Valley but has already won the hearts of almost everyone, the only people left are the ones who haven't tried it. If you're looking for a grilled cheese this is the place to be, with a whole menu dedicated to cheesy deliciousness you can't go wrong with a single item on the menu.

Taste and See Deli on W Spruce Street

Taste And See Deli is the perfect spot to grab lunch in Yakima, they specialize in a large variety of sandwiches but of course, the safe and delicious choice is  Grilled Cheese. The bread always comes out golden and crispy and the cheese is perfectly dripping out the side just begging you for that first bite.

Powerhouse Grill on River Road

Powerhouse has one of the most amazing menus I've seen, with endless choices and delicious meals leaving you craving more and more it's a wonder why this place is so popular. Of course their grilled cheese in that same wheelhouse, delicious bread, the cheese so gooey you'd think it was made fresh in the back. This is a must-try kinda place.

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