Yakima city Mayor Kathy Coffey says she understands the concerns but she says the city is going forward with a vote Tuesday that will help create a city/county owned permanent homeless shelter on property near the Yakima Greenway pathway in Terrace Heights. "The desire is to make this the best it can be and that would include communicating any of the challenges out there and working together."
The city council on Tuesday is expected to approve an ordinance that re-zones a key piece of property near the Yakima Greenway to general commercial opening up the possibility of a city/county owned homeless shelter. Greenway Executive Director Kellie Connaughton says it's the wrong place for a shelter. "Regardless of the project that goes there it has to be compatible with the land use of the Greenway overlay zone and the Yakima River Conservation area and a mission, that's what this is, is not compatible land use."
City and county leaders say the property Northeast of the city sewage treatment plant and close to the Yakima Greenway pathway is the best area and that they'll use landscaping and rules to mitigate impacts to the area from homelessness.
The Yakima City Council meets at 6:00 p.m. Tuesday at Yakima City Hall.

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